Friday, November 18, 2011

Boulevard Nommo Dubbel

I think it is fair to say that Boulevard is a brewing powerhouse.  With an ever expanding lineup that covers a lot of territory style-wise, a staple brew (Unfiltered Wheat) that approaches sales stats in the SA Boston Lager/ SN Pale Ale range, and with some fine experimental brews thrown in for good measure, it becomes hard to find fault with these Kansas City beer giants, and that is why my fridge is consistently stocked with a sixer of a year round standard, a Smokestack or two, and often a Limited release ready and waiting. 

The head on this one isn't as unruly as many of the other Smokestack brews, but still has a substantial and slowly disappearing, froth.  The dark brown body is penetrated by some red coming in from the edges.  The aroma floating from the goblet consists of banana, clove, licorice, a hint of rum booziness, and spice cake.   Tastes of sweet bread, grapes, banana, grain and a hint of hops with an aftershock of fusel alcohol.  Fairly satisfying, but a little thin in body.  Has a dry finish.

While I realize the Dubbel is often overshadowed by it's bigger brethren, due to no discernible stylistic faults of its own, I still have to say this is one of the weaker of the Belgian Smokestack brews.  However, you must keep in mind, even a status quo Smokestack runs right in the middle of the "craft" pack, always biting at the heels of the big dogs.

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